• Don Harris -Think Red Ink

    Don Harris -Think Red Ink

  • A Church Without Clergy

    Church Without ClergyBy Christian SmithBut could it be that clergy are neither necessary nor, in the long run, good for church? Is itpossible that one of the best things that could happen to the church today is for all clergyto resign their posts and take jobs in the world? Might it be that church without…

  • The Clergy System

    The Clergy SystemBy W. Carl Ketcherside“No class or order of men that ever appeared on earth have obtained so much influence,or acquired so complete an ascendancy over the human mind, as the clergy. The Christianclergy hav e exercised, for about fifteen hundred years, a sov ereign dominion over theBible, the consciences, and the religious sentiments…

  • Understanding The New Creation

    Who you are in Christ