Death is working to bring life

I don’t know how long you have been in this thing called Christianity but it doesn’t take that long to discover that there is something very wrong.  In the beginning of discovering Christ, your life takes on a new path a new and wonderful way of finding joy and love.  Jesus is so wonderful and glorious, but then there come questions.

Everyone starts out on a path that Jesus said the way is straight and the gate is narrow and few there be that find it.  But you found it, didn’t you?  You found that life is not what you thought it to be.  You found that by talking about your first love it was not well received.  You discovered that the message of salvation and being one with God is actually resisted and rejected; you along with it.

There is of course a lining in the mix.  This is the live training that God has called for you to experience. He wants to train and develop you for both this life in forming the quality of his divine life and for preparation to be ruling with him as co-heirs.  You are trained for rulership, therefore, his divine course of learning from him comes in many different avenues that he allows.

Remember Job?  What was it that God was developing in the life of this faithful man that would allow satan to kill his children?  Why did God allow the serpent in the garden?  God not only allowed it but was his design for the serpent to be in the tree?  You see there is a much larger picture that is being played out through the bible and throughout the life of those who have come to saving faith and regeneration.  The battle is very real the prize is very high.  Paul called it, the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.  Paul said I am striving; I am reaching forth to that which is set before me!  

What is that prize?  What God is doing is so important that even the sacrifice of his son was in his contingent plan.  Contingent you say, yes contingent?  To have a race of men and women that would bear his image inwardly, that only the difficult path of training can produce.  You are in the race and the prize of eternity and ruling with God is before you.  

We learn both from the Spirit of Christ as our teacher; from failure and success; from study and prayer; from others who have gone before us; from those who are alongside us, like me.  I’m here alongside you and we can walk out this walk hand in hand joined together on the path of discovery.  Welcome to my website.  We are one united in Christ fellow heir of the grace of God.  

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